Hub of interpretation of dreams and solutions


Much has been said about dreams, and so much h been said and written about
dreams. Many sectors of the society both modern and ancient hold divergent
views about dream and different schools of thought have defined dream from
their divergent points of view.
What actually is a dream, its origin and sources; is it a fact, a reality or just a
concept, some product of someone’s imagination?
This write-up is aimed to enlighten the reader sp that he/she may have adequate
information about all aspects of dreams, so that he/she is able to arrive at a
reasonable conclusion based upon personal conviction, not just some bundle of
miss-information, or miss-conception.
A school of thought opines that dreaming is evidence of living, “I dream, therefore
I live”. What are dreams, where do they come from and why do we have them?
Form where do they begin, and what do they actually mean? Is it accurate to say
they are a crest of the future, of things to come or a look into the past?
However, it is safe to say that dreams are a very vital association with our inner
world, a very precious gift from our impulse. Could these dreams possibly, in any
way help us towards basic bits of learning in our present state of consciousness,
and also assist us select which move to make, and what which approach to
Sleep and Dream, how, why and what?
What is the relationship between sleep and dreams, how and why? That prolific
play-write and poet William Shakespeare says, “Sleep is the balm for hurt minds,
nature’s great second course”. Rest is an essential necessity for our physical,
mental and excited prosperity and success. It is during rest that we kind of
surrender perspective control of our physical body and the absent identity is
permitted to wind erratically, and so we have dreams.

This write-up is indeed an adventure, all be it, with a difference, into the
mysterious world of dreams, and it is hoped and expected that reader will
become a more complete person after perusing the pages.
So we welcome you to the mysterious world of dreams!